To see at Atxurra Country Hotel-Apartment

To see at Atxurra Country Hotel-Apartment

The Atxurra Country Hotel lies on the slopes of Monte Sollube, just a few kilometres from Bermeo and right in the heart of the Urdaibai Nature Park, declared a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.

The Hotel Atxurra and its surroundings give you the chance to enjoy nature in its purest state, delight in its many beaches and cliffs, visit the different country areas and villages and taste some of the best food and drink you can find anywhere.

Guggenheim Bilbao


During your stay in Urbaibai Reserve where you can not miss a visit to: Guggenheim Bilbao Museum, Fine Arts Museum, Old town (Casco Viejo), Ribera market, Alhondiga, Euskalduna conference centre and concert hall and streets where you will discover your own Bilbao



Known as one of the most important fishing ports on the Cantabrian coast, especially interesting are the Casino and the Gothic church of Santa Eufemia. In Bermeo port, you can visit a replica of the “Aita Guria” whaler and you shouldn’t miss the Fishermen’s Museum at the entrance to the old port, with its displays of old fishing tackle.



A fishing port that is internationally known as one of the best places for surfing in the world. From the “La Atalaya” viewing platform next to the Church of Santa María, you can enjoy incomparable views over the Urdaibai estuary. On the way to Bermeo, you can visit the Ermita de Santa Catalina hermitage, with its views of the lovely Isla de Izaro island.

San Juan de Gaztelugatxe


Just a few kilometres from Bermeo, you could visit the rocky outcrop of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe, declared to be a protected biotype, whose summit is crowned by a hermitage reached after climbing 241 steps.



Coastal town renowned as the birthplace of Txakoli, highlight the Andra-Mari Parish and Church of San Pelaio the twelfth century

Bizkaia Beaches


The lovely villages of Mundaka and Sukarrieta both have fine sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. In Ibarrangelu, you can enjoy Laida beach, with views of Mundaka and Cabo de Ogoño, overlooking Laga beach. Cabo de Ogoño has spectacular views over the Urdaibai estuary.



In the Villa de Gernika you can visit the Museum of Peace and the Museum of Euskal Herria (The Basque Country). At the top of town there is a ceramic reproduction of Picasso’s “Gernika”. A walk round the “Parque de Europa” park gives you the chance to see sculptures by Chillida and Moore. A few metres away are the Casa de Juntas meeting and the Arbol de Gernika, a tree under whose branches political, administrative and social decisions about the different domains that used to make up Biscay were taken.



On the right bank of the Mundaka estuary, a few kilometres from Kortezubi, you will find the Santimamiñe Caves, with the Ermita de San Mamés hermitage on the way up to them. Take the footpath in front of the caves to reach the “painted wood”, a work of the artist Agustin Ibarrola



La espectacular disposición vertical de su casco urbano, hace de Elantxobe uno de los puertos más peculiares de la costa vasca. Destacan el ayuntamiento y la Iglesia de San Nicolás del Siglo XIX.

Urdaibai Map

Urdaibai Map

Routes from the Hotel

Routes from the Hotel